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Half day daycare


A big long walk (1-2 hours, depending on your pup's needs) and lots of snuggle and rest time. We make sure that your dog is stimulated both mentally and physically.  You can be certain to come home to a happy, well exercised dog.

(2-3 hours)

Full day daycare


Walkies in the morning (1-2 hours) and a long walk in the afternoon, with rest, cuddles and play in between. You can rest assured that your best friend will be perfectly happy and fully occupied for the whole day while you're out.

(4-6 hours)

Solo walk


Does your dog need a little bit extra time and attention? Whether it's behavioural quirks, special physical requirements, if your dog is a little more senior, or if they just prefer to do it solo, we can cater for all your dog's needs with our highly experienced team of walkers. 

Group walk


Would you like your dog to have a group of friends to exercise and socialise with? Then our group walks will be perfect for you. We only walk small groups that we have assessed to be suitable companions and we keep the route happy, playful, safe and exciting.

Dog sitting in your house

Check out our sister company:


Going away and need someone to take care of your buddy while you're gone? We can look after your dog in your home, keeping to their usual routines and looking after your home while you're away. Let us help you to relax so you can have the relaxing holiday you deserve.

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